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I work within the jewelry medium, handcrafted pieces from resin, recycled curios and wire to create unique, one of a kind pieces. My inspiration comes from many places, but I particularly like drawing on natural elements and scenes, using found items, and also steampunk inspired pieces. I have been active on the Baton Rouge arts show scene for over a year now, and look forward to seeing where this next year will take me.

My ancestral linage includes Samoan, Tongan, French, and Italian heritage. I am a Jambalaya of cultures! I infuse healing and protective energy in every piece of art I create. I have dedicated myself to creating healing tools for people to use to manifest healing into their home and lives. I am honored to do this work.


As an artist, Lauren has been sharing her love of art and nature with the Greater Baton Rouge area for over 10 years. Specializing in pet portraiture, Lauren is known for capturing those special moments with Baton Rouge’s four legged family members while honing her unique style of bold color pallets and heavy brush textures. Lauren looks to brighten the homes and hearts of families at every opportunity.




I create one of a kind, hand-carved pottery on the pottery wheel with animal pottery mugs as my best selling item. I make sure I stock my booth at artists markets with a huge selection of different animal mugs for customers to choose. 

I love hearing the stories behind why someone buys a particular animal for a friend or family member. I feel connected to my customers when they share how they use my mug every morning or how they were gifted my mug, and it became their new favorite.

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Abandoned buildings neglected through time and people open up a world of beauty behind the lense. I take a moment to capture the essense of the beauty behind all of the chaos. My work is a reflection of the life that is created by all walks of life. 

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New Earth Treasures

New Earth Treasures is Natural Stones & Natural Stone Jewelry Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Emily Bell, formerly of Bayou Flamingo, is the Owner & Designer.

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Kourtney Zimmerman of KourtneyPaints is a Baton Rouge local artist and maker. She both uses and makes watercolors as her choice of medium. Her paintings range from landscapes to animal and pet portraits, while her paints are made with non-toxic, bright, and bold pigments.  She does many local markets and you can find her online on Etsy, Instagram and Facebook.


OuroBorors Creations

Ouroboric Creations was created to showcase my love of metalworking and stone setting techniques. It all started one day after playing World of Warcraft and
the idea to bring my avatars' professions into the real world, (Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, and Engineering), kept appearing in my mind as a way to Express myself. That small spark of inspiration has now grown into a set of skills I couldn't live a fulfilling life without.


I’m Spine Blue, a 19 year old , full time psychedelic artist from Louisiana. My goal is to incite emotion through art. Acrylic painting, pen and ink, sculpting, music and usable crafts are my favorite pastimes. I am currently open for all commissions as well as shows! You can contact me through my website: SpineBlue.com.

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Stained glass, like all art, requires light to be experienced properly. However, I’ve learned that my fascination with this medium stems from stained glass’ dependency on light to be experienced at all. My glass pieces explore my interest in color, texture and composition; which is achieved with sheet glass scraps, broken bottle pieces, or any found object that is transparent.

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Eclectic artist navigating through the art world, one doodle at a time! Specializing in crazy cartoons, fantastical watercolors, and loving pugs.


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