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mid city rising artists

who we are

We are a group of artist, craftsman and creators that came together to develop interesting, visually appealing and desirable works for everyday. 

Our interests include the development and growth of the artists as well as the community as a whole. We offer the creative space, both physically and artistically, to develop and showcase practically any medium.

“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web.” 

Pablo Picasso

I work within the jewelry medium, handcrafted pieces from resin, recycled curios and cute bottles to create unique, one of a kind pieces. My inspiration comes from many places, but I particularly like drawing on natural elements and scenes, using found items, and also steampunk inspired pieces. I have been active on the Baton Rouge arts show scene for over a year now, and look forward to seeing where this next year will take me.


I like the organic shapes of foliage and paint them in an impressionistic style. When enjoying my paintings, I hope you get a real sense of not only the south, but southern Louisiana life. My husband and I started building a house, and in that I found a love for small carpentry. I think it is my drive to create in any way that may be available. I paint mostly with Acrylic. Growing up in the country, I’ve always been inspired by bright sunsets, landscapes and the open sky.   


For 16 years Stephen Blade has pursued a career as metalworker and artist in south Louisiana. In 2010 he graduated from LSU with a BFA in sculpture. He has shown work at the Baton Rouge Arts Market and other Pop up markets around Baton Rouge. Stephen also taught middle school art in Louisiana Public Schools for the past 5 years. He continues to explore materials, techniques, and imagery in all the work he creates.


She directs her focus on illustrations, character designs and SFX in film. She has also worked with children with learning disabilities at The Brighton School in Baton Rouge. She has experience in various mediums of art and strives to master anything that interests her. She embraces her students creativity and loves to help them take their talent to the next level while also using her art to bring reflection, feeling and beauty to her spectators. 


We love creating new and unique items. Ty now makes Byzantine jewelry, drinking horns, and enjoys making custom shields.My little magical creatures have expanded to polymer clay sculpted dolls, pins, and necklaces.


My creations come from many mediums, including the best chainmail Jewelry and handcrafted leather masks in Louisiana (Have you checked it out yet? Really, you should see it for yourself!) that include vintage jewelry components, recycled acrylic pendants, semi precious gemstones and more. I also fabricate items that incorporate leather and chainmail, wire wrapped gemstones, as well as painting in tiny scale (28mm) for a plethora of game systems that utilize miniatures such as Warmachine, Games Workshop Products, Malifaux, Dungeons and Dragons.


I have enjoyed photography and wood working most of my life. I recently began making my photographs and frames available- I specialize in scenery photographs matted framed with old cypress and pine. I also do custom framing- any size or shape!


The “Jetsam Gypsy” business began with my own need for personal jewelry organization. With a love of driftwood and a long-time admiration for traditional Indian Mehndi painting and aboriginal art, the first of my hand-painted driftwood jewelry hangers were born. Having fallen in love with the creative process, I kept scavenging for interesting driftwood along the Mississippi River and began to broaden the scope of practical uses for my pieces. The drive is always to incorporate new materials into the work, to invent increasingly intricate patterns, to discover new uses for the work, and to experience the joy of sharing my creative passion.


Working from antique imagery and her own photography, Loveday Funck turns her eye to the intersection of history and the fantastic. Combining the surreal experience of her heart with the images of historic Louisiana she creates a whimsical, colorful, and usually macabre world. Come and partake in its skewed sacrament.


Each lampshade is up-cycled from thrifted textiles found from local consignment shops and then handmade into what you see here. As every lampshade is made from unique fabrics, each and every one is 100% unique and cannot be re-created. However, I can make one specifically for you, your décor, and your color preferences. Or even out of old sentiments such as a wedding dresses, veils, baby clothes etc. Your lampshades turned funky with Shadefreak! Fresh lampshades, fresher landfills!