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alice in wonderland br 2018 artist

Be a part of creating the amazing world of Wonderland at our gallery opening this June, 2018. Become a part of the collection of Alice in Wonderland inspired art!

This is a two-night show, Thursday is a gallery show and the Saturday is the festival. The gallery show is going to include croquet games, tea parties, inspired music, food among other fun stuff! Tickets for this night are now on sale through our website at http://www.thecollective2678.com. Those participating in the show, will have two comped tickets for the gallery night.

The Festival night is gonna be FUN! THAT night will be much like Mid City Rising with artists tents out in the parking lot, along with music, bands, fire twirlers, acrobats, hookah and food. PLUS!! There IS more!! It is a costume night! YES! Artists, bands, vendors, public etc. are encouraged to come in full Alice in Wonderland-inspired Costume.


IF you are interested in participating in the gallery show, we ask that you have original Alice in Wonderland-inspired pieces (1 if big, 3 if small) to showcase during both shows. We will also need dimensions of each piece submitted. This show will be up both nights as well as the following weekend for our April edition of Mid City Rising. Once we curate the show, we will contact you about which pieces we want delivered. 


On the 21st, we would like to extend the invitation to showcase more of your work. If you are interested in participating in the Saturday night show, you must have at least 3 inspired pieces on display in your tent. Your other work can be available at this time as well (in other words, the show is not limited to AIW pieces only). Tent spaces are available at $50 for this special event. Please let us know by April 17th. You must also dress in AIW inspired costume. Participating this evening will also get you 2 tickets for the Thursday night show.


If you have any questions, we have put together a Facebook group called 'Alice in Wonderland BR crew' where we will be updating you with more event details. Our website will also be hosting the entry site for the festival night. As soon as this is up, you will be notified so you can sign up. We will have this information available through the FB group. To be a part of this group, just email me at andycflores@yahoo.com, and we will invite you to the group.


Alice in Wonderland BR is an opportunity for artist to showcase our talents. Our intention is to create a space in which we have

  • Originally created artwork including, but not limited to, paintings, sculpture, clothing, jewelry, collectable items

    • 3 NEW original pieces inspired by Alice in Wonderland

    • Original in creation~ Designed, produced, crafted, painted, sculpted or made by the artist or craftsman

  • Dressed in Alice in Wonderland inspired Costume


If you wish to show both on the gallery night as well as showcase a booth the festival night, you can get more booth information through the following link: 

Alice in Wonderland Vendor
Jun 14, 2018, 6:00 PM – Jun 30, 2018, 10:00 PM
Pink Elephant Antiques Parking Lot,
2648 Government St, Baton Rouge, LA 70806, USA
New Earth Treasures

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